Alexandria Port Trips

Alexandria port trips

The city of Alexandria has one of the most important and ancient ports in Egypt. The port of Alexandria was built in 1900 BC., built in the former village of Rhakotis. To date, about 60% of foreign trade is handled through the port of Alexandria.

Visit the famous Museum of Alexandria with our city tour and use your stay to visit the cemeteries of World War II in El Alamein.

We offer a variety of land excursions from the port such as: a tour of the city of Rashid with its historical sights, as well as the capital of Egypt, Cairo and the famous city on the Nile Luxor. Join the visit Cairo and Luxor with our 2 day tour to both cities.

Take a look at all our special Alexandria excursions from the port and study our itineraries. Enrich your holiday with one of our tours to the most famous sights in Egypt and decide which attractions you would like to participate in.

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