El Sokhna Port Trips

The port of El Sokhna is located just below the southern entrance of the Suez Canal on the Red Sea in Egypt, one of the most used waterways in the world.

From El Sohkna, we offer, among other things, a full-day excursion to the capital of Cairo, 120 km away. Cairo, as one of the cities with the most famous sights, such as: The pyramids, the sphinx, the Egyptian museum with the ancient finds from the tombs of Luxor; including the treasure of the child Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Combine sightseeing with a shopping tour of Cairo’s stunning Old Town.

Take a look at all our special El Sokhna port trips and study our itineraries. Enrich your holiday with one of our tours to the most famous sights in Egypt and decide which attractions you would like to participate in.

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