Sahl Hasheesh Day Tours

Sahl Hasheesh Day Tours 

Did you select Sahl Hasheeh as your destination? Sahl Hasheesh, 18 km south of Hurghada is a bay on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea. For all friends of water sports one insider tip. Book our diving and snorkelling tours from Sahl Hasheesh.

Day Trip to Cairo

We arrange 1-day trip from Sahl Hasheesh to the metropole of Cairo in the antiquity, Memphis, the Step Pyramid in Sakkara, to the most famous sights in Cairo, the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the alabaster mosque.

Luxor & Aswan tour from Sahl Hasheesh

Visit Luxor with the Valley of the KingsHatshepsut, Luxor, and Karnak temples. Enjoy one of our 5 * Luxury Nile Cruises to Aswan, with its Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam. A cruise on Lake Nasser leads you to the temple of Abu Simbel.

Join our trip to Petra / Jordan from Sahl Hasheesh for the famous “Pink Red” city, just a short flight from Egypt.

We wish you a relaxing holiday in Egypt enriched by our Day tours from Sahl Hasheesh